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Hey guys welcome to my first PME Blog post, just want to say congratulations to all students for taking part in the Novemeber exam period, well done for taking part. I would like to share an update on our brand new galery and video section of the website. Embracing new technolgy with emdeded facebook pictures and videos which makes it so much more easier to post pictures and videos:). I look forward to posting regular updates and information for you guys, a warm welcome from PME. Here are a whole bunch of materials needed if you would like to begin guitar lessons. I have also inlcuded some superior guitar manufacturers if you are thinking of purchasing a new guitar over the Christmas holiday period.


                 1. Guitar Rockschool grade 1

                 2. Guitar music stand.

                 3. Guitar plectrums/picks.     

                 4. Recommendations for (acoustic guitar makes-Yamaha, Takamine, Martin, Fender.)

                     (Electric guitars- fender Stratocaster, fender telecaster, Squire, les Paul Gibson.)